Marisol Caballero Prada

Make-Up Artist l Hairstylist

As a dedicated, licensed Hair& Make-Up Artist, Marisol Caballero Prada has years of professional experience 
under her belt to support her talent in the beauty industry.

"It’ll about the client...If the client is not happy, then neither am I! 
As a perfectionist I will not let anyone leave my chair who does not look and feel beautiful, period!"

Living by this motto, Marisol draws inspiration from icons and trends in fashion, photography, and beauty to perfect her craft for her clients.
Her work is a true representation of her ever-growing desire to show the world her unique interpretation of beauty. 
With her consistent drive for excellence, endless creativity and refined skills, Marisol proudly shares her life's passion 
with everyone that she has the pleasure of working with.